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Leak detection – the simple solution that protects against catastrophic damage and inaccurate water bills.

03 November 2020
A leak detection system is a unit that monitors the flow of water through the pipe. Pre-set upper and lower values are entered into the system, and should the flow presents any abnormal behaviour the system will raise the alarm. The leak detection system can be programmed to cut off the water supply or to simply raise the alarm on the BMS. If you require the water to be cut off, then you will need to add a solenoid valve. If using a BMS app you can remotely deal with the leak, protecting your pr...
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The Aquitron AT -WM – the protection you need against unexplained water charges

03 March 2020
Why should you pay for water that you are not using? A leaking pipe a few yards up the road should not be paid for by you.
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Secure your water usage and bills!

29 January 2019
Your water bills are rising and you have no idea why..?! But, there is prevention for this dire situation ‘Aquitron AT-WM!’ The Aquitron AT-WM provides an automated system to guard you against excessive water consumption, by monitoring how much water is passing through the meter installed in the pipework, it will gauge the water consumption against the pre-set lower and upper limits. The Aquitron AT-WM can also be linked up to the BMS to provide a remote indication of the possible Leak, should...
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Sustainable Buildings Need Leak Detection

05 September 2017
Leaks are detected by monitoring the flow of water through the MCWS (Mains Cold Water Services) pipe. One meter is situated adjacent to the authority meter at the boundary of the property. This monitors the flow of water between the boundary point and where it enters the building. It is usual for this pipe work to be underground and as such is most vulnerable to leaks not being detected. A second water meter is installed on the pipe work where it enters the building; this one m...
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