Leak detection – the simple solution that protects against catastrophic damage and inaccurate water bills.

03 November 2020

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Pay for water which you are NOT using? We don’t think so, we also don’t think you should be stuck with a jaw-dropping repair charge from potentially catastrophic damage. The answer is simple, LEAK DETECTION! A leak detection unit can be added into the pipe very easily, this will provide protection against unwanted and unnecessary bills.

By adding the Aquitron AT-WM Leak Detection unit you can meticulously monitor the flow of water as it passes through the pipes, if the unit notices any irregularity from the pre-set values it can either be set up to cut off the supply or alert the relevant people via the BMS. To link to BMS a cold pulsed water meter(s) will also need to be added.

What is a leak detection system?

The AT-WM is an automated leak detection system that guards you against excessive water consumption.  

A leak detection system is a unit that monitors the flow of water through the pipe. Pre-set upper and lower values are entered into the system, and should the flow presents any abnormal behaviour the system will raise the alarm. The leak detection system can be programmed to cut off the water supply or to simply raise the alarm on the BMS. If you require the water to be cut off, then you will need to add a solenoid valve. If using a BMS app you can remotely deal with the leak, protecting your property from miles away!

Peace of mind for the home or business owner, thanks to the AT-WM!  All products required for a full leak detection system can be purchased from DMS Metering Solutions. If you would like to discuss leak detection with us, please give us a call or email.


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