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Renewable Heat, Heat Networks & Energy Billing/Metering Seminar

06 November 2018
On the 24th October 2018, DMS Metering Solutions were joined by Mitsubishi Electric and Energy Billing for a breakfast seminar in Hatton Garden, London.We have had some great feedback from those who attended, including the below comments from Paul B in Kent.“The breakfast morning lasted for around 3 hours, upon arriving at the Hatton Garden, we were greeted with an exceptional breakfast spread, including fresh coffee, hot breakfast sandwiches, fresh fruit, and pastries. We had a chance to netwo...
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DMS – Working with Industry leading manufacturers in making the right choice for HIU Metering (a legislative requirement!).

30 October 2018
In order for the UK Government to achieve its carbon reduction targets, it is expected that an increased number of heat networks will be installed in the coming decade, with a heat network capital investment potential of between £16 and £26 billion by 2030.A fundamental part of the heat network is the installation of a Heat Interface Unit (HIU). HIU’s are typically installed in large apartment complexes with multiple dwellings where, rather than each dwelling being fitted with a boiler, a cen...
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DMS Metering - 5 years in purpose build building

23 October 2018
DMS celebrated 5 years in their purpose built building in September by having a day out at the National Water Sports Centre! The staff enjoyed activities such as Lagoon Wipe-out and Segwaying (the photos are a must see - click here!!)In April 2019 DMS will be turning 20! The Metering company was established in 1999 by Ceri Minns. Ceri was the first person to bring Sontex, PoWogaz and Kamstrup into the UK market! He built a strong company specialising in Metering, Monitoring and Controls.Th...
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The Sontex Superstatic 440 range is still proving to be one the UK’s most popular Heating & Cooling Meters

16 October 2018
The Sontex Superstatic 440 range is still proving to be one the UK’s most popular Heating & Cooling Meters… Let’s find out why!The Sontex Supercal 531 Smart Integrator and the Superstatic 440 'static' flow meter with no moving parts is your answer to systems containing glycol. The Supercal 531 can be programmed for the type of glycol and the concentration percentage to give you accurate readings where some heat meters will not operate at all.With the range of outputs available the...
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DMS – The only choice for MMSP Metering

09 October 2018
As the number of domestic Heat Pumps being installed in the UK under the Governments RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme continues to increase, an additional initiative is now available.It’s called the Metering and Monitoring Service Package (MMSP), a scheme administered by OFGEM, and those who apply for it as part of a heat pump installation can receive additional financial support to pay for the provision and use of MMSP over a 7-year period.MMSP essentially includes an OF...
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Renewable Heat, Heat Networks & Energy Metering/Billing Seminar - October 2018

02 October 2018
October is here! And so is our seminar!This month we will be coming to London for our Southern seminar – Renewable Heat, Heat Networks & Energy Metering/Billing. Come and join us and learn…During this breakfast seminar we will be joined by Energy Billing and Mitsubishi, who will be presenting the latest industry updates and product information.In the 3 hour seminar we will be serving delicious breakfast sandwiches, fresh fruit and coffee, you will be given time to network with others in th...
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Landlords –are you fed up with estimated bills? We have a solution for you! Automatic meter reading could save you a lot of time, money and effort.

25 September 2018
If you want to track energy usage or be able to say goodbye to estimated bills, you should adopt an AMR system, this will benefit both the tenant and the landlord. It is also a smart choice for retail providers and utility companies. AMR takes the guessing game out of billing and providing a live read of the usage and bills.The Elvaco range can be used wired or wirelessly making it suitable for most applications.How it worksThe Elvaco range is a standalone product that works alongside an MBUS me...
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Gas Safety Week! – The essential list to ensure safety!

19 September 2018
DMS have put together the ‘essential’ list of the products to ensure maximum safety on your application. Before we go over our recommended products, let’s take a look at the top tips to remember when selecting or installing a gas appliance:Top tips to stay gas safe: 1. Use a gas registered engineer to install, service and fix any gas products 2. Keep on top of gas appliances safety checks 3.&...
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Selecting the correct meter for your application...

12 September 2018
Selecting the correct meter for your application – first time roundSelecting the correct meter for your application can be a time consuming and somewhat confusing job, with such a large array of options, different types of meters and a range of optional extras that you may or may not necessarily need. Where do you start?! The first thing you need to look at is what do you need for your application? Would a clamp on meter be needed or could you use an inline flow meter? Do you ...
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Micronics Clamp-on Flow Meter provides flow measurement for energy monitoring in high profile shopping centre

04 September 2018
Westfield Shopping Centre, adjacent to the London Olympic Park was opened in September 2011 in time for the 2012 Olympics and is one of the largest urban shopping centres in Europe. Aspers Casino is to be found on the 3rd floor but even a venue dedicated to leisure needs to be aware of costs and energy charges are a significant factor in any budget. Westfield, as landlords of the casino, is charged according to usage from the chilled and low-temperature hot water circuit which feeds into the cas...
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