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Honeywell S100 Over Pressure Shut Off Valve

31 March 2020
The S100 is available in sizes of 50mm, 80mm and 10mm models, all with Flanged PN16 Connection. The trip off pressures then vary from as low as 18mbar up to 560mbar for the Low-Pressure models, 561-1400mbar for the Medium Pressure models and then the High-Pressure Versions are available for each connection size that can be set to trip off with pressures from 1.4 to 6Bar. The maximum pressure of gas that the S100 can physically withstand is 19Bar.
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Gas Installation Kits from DMS Metering.

24 March 2020
DMS supply unique gas kits that are tailored to your individual application needs. After a conversation with our experts, we can provide you with all the necessary items, including fittings, valves, inlets/outlets, and flexi hoses. Our bespoke gas kits are suitable for new build installations and existing applications. For new builds, we can supply caps, plugs, and blanks.
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DMS Insulation Jackets

17 March 2020
We are now offering durable, energy-efficient and impact-resistant heat meter jackets, another exciting product that had been added to our vast collection!
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Single phase ECA2 compact electricity meter

10 March 2020
Manufactured by emlite, this compact meter is suited for single rate metering requirements and can also be used as a generation meter connected to a Solar PV or Micro-generation installation where a claim is made for Feed-in-Tariff payments.
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