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Gas Safety Week! – The essential list to ensure safety!

19 September 2018
DMS have put together the ‘essential’ list of the products to ensure maximum safety on your application. Before we go over our recommended products, let’s take a look at the top tips to remember when selecting or installing a gas appliance:Top tips to stay gas safe: 1. Use a gas registered engineer to install, service and fix any gas products 2. Keep on top of gas appliances safety checks 3.&...
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Selecting the correct meter for your application...

12 September 2018
Selecting the correct meter for your application – first time roundSelecting the correct meter for your application can be a time consuming and somewhat confusing job, with such a large array of options, different types of meters and a range of optional extras that you may or may not necessarily need. Where do you start?! The first thing you need to look at is what do you need for your application? Would a clamp on meter be needed or could you use an inline flow meter? Do you ...
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Micronics Clamp-on Flow Meter provides flow measurement for energy monitoring in high profile shopping centre

04 September 2018
Westfield Shopping Centre, adjacent to the London Olympic Park was opened in September 2011 in time for the 2012 Olympics and is one of the largest urban shopping centres in Europe. Aspers Casino is to be found on the 3rd floor but even a venue dedicated to leisure needs to be aware of costs and energy charges are a significant factor in any budget. Westfield, as landlords of the casino, is charged according to usage from the chilled and low-temperature hot water circuit which feeds into the cas...
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Sapphire Gas Safety Solenoid Valves

28 August 2018
The Sapphire valves are installed in the pipework and programmed to stop the supply of gas in a situation such as a fire alarm or emergency knock off button being activated. Should the situation occur where the alarm is triggered and the power is cut, the valves will close rapidly impeding any gas supply. Once the system has been determined as safe and the power is restored, the valve will reopen and return to normal flow. The coils used for the Sapphire valves are powered by a 230v mains but we...
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DMS Metering Solutions on YouTube

21 August 2018
Here atDMS,we pride ourselves on innovation and perfecting, we feel that our YouTube channel is a perfect example of that.Launched back in April 2014 our YouTube channel has been directed at all customers but is on YouTube for everybody to see if they need questions answering abouta product or if they need moreinformationabout the products.The YouTube channel was created to help customers be able to choose what meterthey need for their specific application.&nb...
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Join DMS for our Renewable heat, heat networks & energy metering/billing Seminar

14 August 2018
We invite you to join the DMS team along with our guest speakers Energy Billing & Mitsubishi for our Southern Renewable heat, heat networks & energy metering/billing Seminar on Wednesday 24th October 2018 in LondonIn 2017 we held our first Seminar in London; we provided a presentation covering the latest updates on the RHI and legislation on Heat Networks along with Energy Metering installation points.This year in London will be slightly different, covering heat pumps and energy bi...
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Micronics heat-meters installed at leading University

07 August 2018
15 Micronics U1000HM heat-meters were installed at The University of Manchester in April 2016 to assess the efficiency of the building by monitoring the overall energy consumption. This was both for cost reasons and as part of a comprehensive aim to make the University real estate more environmentally effective. The work was carried out by WMB (Installations) Ltd, electrical contractors based in Swinton, Manchester. The NICEIC registered company has been established since 1982. Chris Cunningham,...
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JS Smart+ Single Jet Water Meter

01 August 2018
Here is the newly updated JS Smart+ water meter, manufactured by Apator PoWogaz and distributed in the UK by DMS Metering Solutions in Nottingham.The JS range goes alongside the range of JSC water meters. At the time of installation you may not require a pulse reading, but as time goes on your requirements may change, with the JS+ water meter range it is possible to add on the pulse cap at a later date, the retrofittable pulse cap can be supplied at the time of order and will arrive fitted on th...
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Want to reduce meter reading costs? The T210 (ScanCounter II) Remote reader can help!

24 July 2018
Want to reduce meter reading costs? Do you struggle to gain access to your meter? The T210 is a simple method of taking readings with CSV text files is at the user’s command. The ScanCounter provides accurate readings for digital or pulsed registers while offering convenience and safety for the reader.This remote reader has been designed for accurate counting of water and gas pulsed outputs (High integrity pulse counting), incorporating an easy to read display that is user friendly. Do you stru...
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Balfour Beatty – Micronics flowmeters used to survey heating system at Heathrow

17 July 2018
Balfour Beatty –Micronics flowmeters used to survey heating system at HeathrowMicronics flowmeters were used at Heathrow’s Terminal 4 to survey the energy usage in the heating system. The facilities staff at Heathrow Airport, Terminal Four have a five year plan running from 2014 to 2019, entitled Quinqennium 6 and this plan included the redesign of the heating system, which currently runs at medium temperature hot water (120oC). They required the system to run at a lower temperature in o...
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