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Our Most Competitively Priced Heat Meter Yet!

10 July 2018
TheSontex Superstatic 789…Our newest member of the Sontex Heat Meter family is theSuperstatic 789heat meter, the 789 was released at the back end of 2016 and has already proved to be extremely popular.Made from fibre composite, available in 15mm and 20mm and only weighing in at the most 750g it’s been of particular interest in the HIU market - with it being lightweight, compactyet robust, it’s been the right choice for many HIU manufacturers in the UK. The7...
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Turning up the Heat - INVONIC H Ultrasonic Heat Meter

03 July 2018
Apator PoWogaz UNVONIC H Ultrasonic Heat Meter – How to get it right first time!Here is a short list of the most important factors to consider when choosing To enable us to advise you correctly on which type of Heat Meter you require, we will need to know the following; – What size is the pipework?– What is the flow rate?– Does it need to be flanged ...
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Chris Bishop - Technical Manger for DMS Metering Solutions

26 June 2018
Our technical team is led by our Technical Manager, Chris Bishop, joining the company in 2003, Chris Bishop started off at the age of 18, working in the office and warehouse. Almost 15 years later he has come a long way! He is known in the metering industry for his vast wealth of knowledge and ability to deliver in-depth technical assistance and solutions for trickier applications. He is very much an office essential! Day to day Chris can be found in the office or out on site visits. The best wa...
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Low cost and easy installation – Here is the U1000 Clamp on flow meter

19 June 2018
The U1000 Clamp-on Ultrasonic flow meter is a pipe mountable meter which offers significant installation savings and dry servicing benefits for an extensive range of pipe sizes (sizes 22mm–115mm OD) - the alternative to cutting pipes and using mechanical meters, for simple and low cost measurement from outside the pipe. Installation is as easy as clamping the meter onto the pipe, connecting the power and entering the pipe dims. No need for specialist tools or skills!The U1000 can be used on co...
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Introducing fuss-free Energy Billing with The V1 prepayment device

13 June 2018
DMS Metering Solutions, introducing fuss-free Energy Billing with The V1 prepayment device. DMS now supply the V1 prepayment energy devices, fuss-free, stylish and compact. The V1 is a popular choice for councils and housing associations alike, and no wonder why! With low operation costs, no prepayment cards needed and a 24/7 automated telephone payment and service facility, it’s easy to see why it’s a big hitter and widely chosen for apartments and large scale housing developments...
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The Heat is on!

05 June 2018
Sontex Superstatic Heat Meters – Why you should choose Superstatic?Choosing the correct Heat Meter for your application can be a time-consuming job, with a lot of points to consider. We have created a top ten list of why a Superstatic Heating and Cooling Meter is the ultimate choice.If you are wondering what is important when deciding which Heat Meter you need, ask yourself these questions; · What size is the pipework?·&n...
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Our new Floqua MAG meters have landed!

22 May 2018
Our new range of FLOQUA flow meters cover connection sizes from DN25 – DN2000 and can be used for water and wastewater management, heat-supply systems and inmany industries such as chemical and food applications. The FLOQUA is also suitable for the measurement of pure and contaminated liquids, sludge, pulp and aggressive liquids.Part of the FLOQUA design allows it to measure the flow of electrically conductive liquids with a conductivity amount greater than 5 μS/cm inclosed pipelin...
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The Apator PoWogaz range of Hot MWN MID Approved Water Meters

16 May 2018
Meeting the demands for your hot water application time after timeChoosing the correct water meter for your installation can seem like a hassle and a long winded process to say the least, until, you buy PoWogaz through DMS Metering Solutions where we have been backing Apator PoWogaz for many many years, the MWN range is a solid choice for your hot water application, but why?What are the reasons for choosing the MWN range of Hot Water Meters and why you should add them to your product range...
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DMS are now offering CPD certified training for Heat Metering Technology Selection

08 May 2018
Heat Metering Technology Selection (and getting it rightfirsttime)DMS are now offering CPD certified training for Heat Metering Technology Selection.In our Single CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) certified session we cover;·Technology Selection·Application & Installation·Power, Displa...
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WI Irrigation Water Meter – Apator PoWogaz

01 May 2018
The WI Irrigation Water Meters manufactured by Apator PoWogaz and distributed exclusively in the UK by DMS Metering Solutions.The WI range is available in sizes DN40 – DN250 and is built from either Plastic or Metal casings with the choice of pulsed or non-pulsed outputs. The counter is protected by a padlocked cover, and there is also a version available with a reed contact (speak to our sales team for more information)The Meters themselves are rated for cold operating temperatures up to 50°C...
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