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Grosvenor House Sheffield - DMS case study

12 August 2019
The new build provides 22,500m² of office space and 8,500m² of retail and public space.
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Micronics U1000 heat meter used in high-end London hotel

26 February 2019
They were given only 3 weeks’ notice to carry out the work and, because of previous experience Nick Baron knew that Micronics would offer a perfect solution: “Micronics meters are much quicker and cheaper to install because there is no need to cut into pipes which means that installation costs are minimal - the system does not need to be drained down or pipes cut into. Because it is configured for pipe size there is only nominal configuration on site. We have found the accuracy of the data del...
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Micronics Clamp-on Flow Meter provides flow measurement for energy monitoring in high profile shopping centre

04 September 2018
Micronics was selected as the supplier due to their competitive pricing in comparison to similar technology solutions or alternatives which would have required considerable construction work, which was undesirable in this brand new complex. This example demonstrates that the opportunity for replication in similar schemes across the UK is extensive and Berkeley Controls/Integral UK Ltd can see significant potential for using Micronics flow meters in other projects.
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Micronics heat-meters installed at leading University

07 August 2018
Typical applications include hot water metering and flow measurement, flow measurement for heat metering, chilled water metering and flow measurement, potable water metering and flow measurement, process water metering and flow and ultra pure water measurement.
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