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Efficient Control of Flow And Temperature In HVAC Heating And Cooling Systems

12 October 2021
Finding ways to make commercial buildings and venues more energy efficient is a critical step in the journey to a decarbonised future. To achieve this goal then the buildings of the future, whether old or new, need to be adapted to be more climate-friendly, without compromising comfort for the occupants.
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Coster GCA Gas Solenoid Valve – Italian quality which provides safety for your gas application.

17 August 2021
These Solenoid Valves (32mm - 150mm)can be installed in either Horizontal or Vertical runs of pipework*. The only restriction is that the Coil on top of the Valve must not point towards the floor otherwise the Valve is at risk of not closing properly. A Closed Position Indicator (or CPI Switch for short) can be added to the GCA Valves to provide a remote indication of when the Valve is closed or not. For the larger 200-300mm sized units this is supplied as standard. Please note these can o...
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Understanding Control Pressure Valves and how they work in the industry

10 August 2021
Working in the HVAC, combustion, propane, and industrial markets requires tools and equipment that can handle the demands of process complexity in a safe and efficient manner. One area you should never skimp on is that of your gas regulators.
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The answer to dangerous over-pressure, The Series 100.

29 June 2021
The valve can be supplied with 3 options of sizes, with 50mm (2”), 80mm (3”) and 100mm (4”) available. The S100 has a temperature range of -20°C - +60°C. This spring-loaded valve has been approved to module B + D of the PED 2014/68/EU by DVGW. For more approvals, please view the datasheet or contact our technical team.
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