A combined solution for landlords and property owners.

29 June 2022

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Control and monitor the water supply with Tenant One Valve Plus.

The Tenant Valve Plus enables you to monitor and control the water supply for your site – including flats, offices or other multi-unit buildings. This WRAS-approved valve combines a number of functions in one compact and self-contained unit. The Tenant Valve is an all in one solution that can be installed which provides multiple uses in one device. The Tenant One Valve incorporates the following – Incorporating a ball type isolating valve, it has also been approved to work as a stop valve, pressure reducing valve with integral serviceable strainer, double check valve, dual reading pressure gauge/test point and features space for a connection point for the optional addition of a Class ‘A’ Water Meter. 

The Tenant valve is quick to install thanks to its single cartridge design and provides a compact, space-saving solution for your applications. It is an ideal combined valve for property owners. All components are accessible from one side of the valve which has proved a popular feature with installers. It is available in 2 sizes, ¾” and 1” screwed connections. The Valve works up to 16.0 bar pressure and temperatures up to 80ºC. It is adjustable between 1.5 and 6 bar, and capable of working at temperatures up to 80°C; it offers high flow rates with low noise because of the patented comb design of the outlet of the cartridge

The class 'A' meter can be used as a charging meter by a landlord to charge tenants for water usage based on the readings of a primary or class 'D' charging meter, or as a tool to monitor and control water usage in general. Alternatively, an adaptor is available from DMS to fit a Class ‘D’ water meter. 

The Class “A” Water Meters are available from DMS, please contact our sales team to discuss.


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