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DMS1008 - Data Logger

14 November 2016
The DMS Metering Solutions DMS-1008 family of controllers with WIFI capability are flexible data logging devices, targeted at submetering, energy monitoring and data logging applications. They provide a wealth of options for gathering data and storing it. All of the DMS-1008 models support pulse meter devices via their digital inputs as a minimum and the MM, WM and MB models are equipped with additional interfaces for smart metering applications. The DMS-1008 family implement industry standard p...
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Automatic Meter Reading

05 September 2016
The Walk-by solution: Supercom 636 with Windows Based Tablets for radio remote readout data collection
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The Sontex Supercom 636 Data collection system from DMS

22 July 2016
TheSontex Supercom 636is a data collection system which allows for readings to be taken from a wide range of compatible Sontex products. The Supercom 636 allows you to take meter readings from a range of up to 300 metres in open terrain and within building locations such as apartment blocks and commercial projects. The 636 uses Bluetooth technology to connect with a Windows-based Tablet device in order to view data collected and import the data into excel or other business software.
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MODBUS Communication now available for Sontex Energy Meters

22 July 2016
We are pleased to announce that the already successful Sontex Superstatic 440 & 449 models are now available with MODBUS as one of its primary communication outputs.MODBUS is a widespread and well-established serial communication protocol used within building automation. The MODBUS base module for the Superstatic 440/449 ranges ensures a simple integration from heating and cooling into a Modbus based system. The Modbus module is mounted inside the Supercal 531 integrator.The MODBUS module tr...
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