Simple, Versatile, Rugged – meet the Sontex Supercal 5.

28 September 2021

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The moment has arrived where we can finally introduce you to the latest addition to our meter range, drum roll, please! The Supercal 5 has been a highly anticipated product launch, we are especially excited about this as we have the honour of introducing it to the UK! So, without further ado here we go!

The Supercal 5 incorporates state-of-the-art technology, this next generation calculator boasts many future proof features, all set within a user-friendly interface.  Features include configuration via NFC interface, modular concept with 2 card slots, several tariffs and… LoRaWAN*! It can also be supplied with Wireless M-Bus for data transfer.

The Supercal 5 succeeds the highly successful and respected Supercal 531, the new series integrator is characterised by the latest multi-functional technologies, it meets customer-specific needs such as a simplified system integration, tariff and data logger functions, universal data transfer and connection to system processors. The Supercal 5 is future-ready, it has been designed with the future in mind, combining the latest technology to create a modern heating and cooling meter that will serve a wider range of applications.

Its volume input can be combined with mechanical, magnetic-flow, ultrasonic or fluidic oscillators flow sensors. It has additional pulse inputs which allow the connection of hot or cold water, gas, oil, and electricity meters, any meter with a pulsed output. Thanks to its extensive range of options for data communication, as well as its flexibility for collecting and recording dynamic plant data, the Supercal 5 can also lend itself well to applications in district heating networks and industry installations.

The Supercal 5 is equipped with a battery as standard, other power supply modules are also available. The Supercal 5 is compatible with the full-size range of Superstatic 440 heat meters – DN15 to DN500.

What has changed? Let us take a look


Ø  Optimisation of the housing for easier installation

Ø  NFC technology for simplified and user-friendly configuration using Superprog Android

Ø  Large illuminated dot-matrix display (128×64) for improved navigation in poor lighting

Ø  2 LEDs indicate, in real-time, the status of the calculator.

Ø  Fully customisable tariff and data logger functions

Ø  Display menu position customizable by Superprog Windows Software

Ø  Lifespan of 6+1 years without additional power supply module

Ø  Expanded data storage for enhanced monitoring. 

Sontex Supercal 5


Ø  Calculator for heat meters, cooling meters or combined heat/cooling meters

Ø  Battery or mains powered for increased flexibility

Ø  Exchangeable upper part (MET) while wiring remains in place

Ø  Modules can be retrofitted or replaced at any time without affecting the approval

Ø  Self-recognition of optional modules

Ø  Native M-Bus interface according to EN 1434-3

Ø  Optical interface according to IEC 62056-21:2002

Ø  2- or 4-wire temperature sensors without any configuration

Ø  2 pulse/state inputs and 2 pulse/state open-drain outputs

Ø  User-friendly menu navigation


Enquire today!

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*LoRaWAN coming soon, please speak to our sales team for more information.

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