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BK gas meter - Domestic, Industrial and Commercial

01 November 2022
These Meters are MID-approved, allowing them to be used on Billing applications, they also have extraordinary flow performance even down to the smallest amount of gas. Each BK gas meter is equipped with a mechanical index to ensure easy reading, this can also be paired with an IN-Z61 Pulse Transmitter to enable remote reading. BK diaphragm gas meters can also be offered with a higher spec M-Bus output and digital readouts – again, assuring a more accessible read of the data.
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Honeywell Themis®LOG2.0 Electronic Index Gas Meter with NB-IoT/GPRS

27 September 2022
The Honeywell themis®log2.0 is a next-generation electronic index diaphragm gas meter range. Combining Honeywell’s world-renowned gas meter, designed specifically for commercial and industrial applications, with a new smart electronic index, with integrated data logging functionality, which goes well beyond simple remote reading.
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The Importance of Using Gold Seal Valves (GSV)

07 June 2022
Gold Seal Vales (GSV) provide high-quality gas solenoid values for numerous applications.
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The Honeywell range

03 May 2022
The Honeywell range of Gas products is a highly prestigious collection that ensures quality and accuracy. In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the standout products and why they hold their place in the UK market.
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