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Dependable Gas Solutions for all applications

23 January 2024
DMS Metering Solutions proudly offers a comprehensive selection of gas products suitable for a diverse range of applications. Our extensive range includes both domestic and commercial-sized meters, as well as filters, fittings, boxes, shelves, hoses, valves, and more. Our team comprises industry-leading experts who provide unparalleled technical support and advice. With over two decades of experience, we have developed a deep understanding of the sector and are equipped to offer accurate solutio...
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Gas Safety Pop Quiz!

20 September 2023
a) Every year b) Every two years c) Only when there's an issue d) I've never had them inspected
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Honeywell BK Domestic Gas Meter: Enhancing Efficiency and Safety in Gas Consumption

01 August 2023
Gas meters play a vital role in accurately measuring and monitoring gas consumption for residential properties. Honeywell, a renowned provider of advanced technologies, offers the Honeywell BK Domestic Gas Meter, a cutting-edge solution that ensures efficient gas usage and promotes safety. In this blog, we will explore the features and benefits of the Honeywell BK Domestic Gas Meter, highlighting how it enhances efficiency and contributes to a secure gas supply for households.
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Sensus Gas Meter from DMS

07 February 2023
Diaphragm Gas meters are an integral part of households and businesses throughout the UK, monitoring the supply of gas usage into properties.
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