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Sontex UK - Heat metering from DMS

20 April 2021
The Sontex range uses a fluidic oscillation principle, a technology that was developed by NASA and fine-tuned to be used as a measuring principle for metering. This technology enables the Superstatic range to provide a highly accurate reading (class 2) (+/- 2%) whilst being able to have the highest glycol tolerance level on the market – with over 100 known glycol solutions already programmed.
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Superstatic or Ultrasonic - DMS break it down

23 March 2021
When selecting a heat/energy meter the options can be overwhelming, ensuring it meets certain approvals and capabilities – such as glycol approved and the option to read remotely. Another factor to consider is whether you need a mechanical or Superstatic meter. We have boiled down the main points to bear in mind when it comes to choosing between Superstatic or ultrasonic.
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They're Sleek, they're compact and they're making an impact in the UK heating market.

05 January 2021
The compact design of the SS749 range of Meters includes one of the temperature sensors being fitted to the meter body itself to save on space and installation requirements. Another feature of the design to save space is the display being mounted on the meter body as standard. A wall bracket is supplied should the display need to be separated from the flow part so it can be mounted to a wall nearby.
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Brand highlight! Sontex Heat Meters

10 November 2020
Sontex SAarea swiss manufacturer of metering and control products, established in 1989 in Sonceboz, Switzerland.Their motto:“Swiss Made is both a motivation and an obligation for us. A high degree of automation and demanding quality standards allow us to guarantee the constant high quality and precision of our systems”OlivierCarnal, CEO, Sontex SA
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