Food production monitoring with Badger Meter.

24 August 2021

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The Badger IOG – Industrial Oval Gear Meter – the premium choice for monitoring food production.

The IOG has obtained a well-regarded name for itself within the food production industry, and the reason why… is below.

The Badger IOG inline meter is available in 3 variants, PVDF, Stainless and Aluminium. It uses rotary displacement to ensure accurate measurement, meaning as the fluid enters the meter it is pushed through, rotating the internal gears then exiting via the outlet port. This process is monitored and records how much has passed through. For further technical information on how the meter works, please click here.

Any type of liquid can be used with the Badger IOG, in this example, we focus on food production, but it can also be used for petroleum-based, water solutions and chemicals. Any type of liquid that is compatible with the materials of construction is suitable, even if the medium is very viscous or highly corrosive.

The IOG range is available in a wide size range, from just ¼” to 3”. The IOG product range is made in Germany and supplied by DMS Metering within the UK.

If you have a requirement for food production monitoring or would like to know more about how the IOG can be used contact DMS, we will be happy to provide further information and pricing. / 01773 534555 /


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