They're Sleek, they're compact and they're making an impact in the UK heating market.

05 January 2021

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The Superstatic 749 range of Meters is one the most recent additions to the Superstatic family. Through the integration of a sleek new design, compact sizing and the fluid oscillation principle, the 749 has been extensively used throughout the UK and indeed globally for a multitude of different applications including metering inbuilt into HIUs, Domestic Apartment installations and also Solar Thermal applications just to name a few. The 749 meters can be programmed to work with glycol and antifreeze solutions whilst conforming to MID Class 2 Approval. Various communication outputs are also available including pulse, M-Bus, Radio and now Wireless M-Bus as well.

The Superstatic 749 meters are all Battery Powered as standard with options of 6 Year and 12 Year life spans and are fully replaceable without having to install a new meter. The 749-meter range is available as a QP0.6 15mm, QP1.5 15mm, QP1.5 20mm and QP2.5 20mm. The QP Rating mentioned is the nominal flow rate in m3/hr that each meter size can measure up to. 21010509504054493.jpg

The compact design of the SS749 range of Meters includes one of the temperature sensors being fitted to the meter body itself to save on space and installation requirements. Another feature of the design to save space is the display being mounted on the meter body as standard. A wall bracket is supplied should the display need to be separated from the flow part so it can be mounted to a wall nearby.

A composite version of the SS749 is the Superstatic 789 Heat Meter. The biggest change in design from previous models is the use of a composite Meter body instead of Brass. The lightweight construction and lower costs add to the list of benefits that all Superstatic Meters carry. The 789s use the Fluid Oscillation Measuring Principle and have been tested to meet the requirements for MID Class 2. Therefore, the 789 Meters can be used with both Domestic and Commercial RHI Installations and for Billing Applications as well. Systems with glycol content are also not a problem as the 789s can be calibrated to measure accurately in such systems.

As per the other ranges of compact Meters that Sontex offers, the 789 has one of the temperature sensors mounted on the Meter Body in order to save on space and installation costs. The Display can be mounted on a wall nearby using the bracket provided but the general use for these Meters would have the Display mounted on the body itself.

The Superstatic 789 meters are all Battery Powered as standard and the batteries are fully replaceable without having to install a new meter. The lifespan of these batteries are available in options of 6 years and 12 years. Three sizes of the 789 are available including QP1.5 15mm, QP1.5 20mm and QP2.5 20mm. The QP Reference relates to the nominal flow rate in m3/hr that each Meter can measure up to.

DMS Metering Solutions offer a full range of heating and cooling meters, allowing us to be able to provide solutions for all types of applications. We offer training on our heating and cooling range, as well as CIBSE approved CPD training. If you would like to discuss your metering requirement with us, please give us a call or send us an email. / / 01773 534555

Sontex 789


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