Brand highlight! – Apator PoWogaz.

18 November 2020

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Apator PoWogaz was first brought into our product collection back in 1999, over our 20 years in business together we have been able to form a special professional relationship with them. Our main focus has always been to supply quality products and we feel that PoWogaz fits that profile perfectly. By having PoWogaz as our partner we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality water meters that not only stand the test of time but are also made using the latest technologies.

Who are Apator PoWogaz?

Apator PoWogaz SA (former Fabryka Wodomierzy PoWogaz SA – Water Meter Company) is one of the largest water meter manufacturers in Poland and Europe. It owes its strong position to experience and professionalism supported by 90–year tradition

Thanks to the application of modern technologies their products have the highest quality and win the recognition of our customers.


What products are available?
One of the most popular ranges of water meters from Apator PoWogaz, the JS Domestic Cold-Water Meters are available in a 15 or 20mm connection size to suit all smaller and domestic applications. These Meters can be mounted in either a horizontal or vertical position thanks to the Single Jet measuring style which can work in either plane of direction. Unions are supplied with each meter giving a BSP Male thread connection.

The range also includes the JSC, MWN Woltmann, WI Irrigation and the Ultrimis ultrasonic water meter. From smaller sized (15-20mm) meters to the largest at 300mm.


Where can I use the PoWogaz range?

The PoWogaz water meters can be supplied to fit a wide range of water applications, the Domestic sized meters such at the JS are often used in holiday parks, swimming pools and in the home. The WI irrigation are most used on applications where the water is not 100% clean, these can include farms, lakes and ponds and other applications where rainwater harvesting is used.
The MWN Woltmann Cold Water Meters are commercial-sized meters for larger applications. These can be used in hospitals, universities, and commercial properties.


When you need a water meter, reach out to us – we can find a solution for you.

MWN Woltmann water meter


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