Ultrimis Ultrasonic Water Meter

High-quality Ultrimis W ultrasonic water meters

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High-quality Ultrimis W ultrasonic water meters

The Ultrimis W is an ultrasonic water meter with many patented design and technological features, such as the proprietary "W-Sonic Technology" ultrasonic measuring method. None of the materials in contact with water used for the construction of this meter contain heavy metals. The standard version of this water meter is fully waterproof. The innovative structure makes our product arguably the lightest and smallest ultrasonic water meter available to our customers.

Use: These ultrasonic water meters measure the flow and volume of water up to a max. temperature of 50°C, using a closed-loop system, with the full flow rates up to a max. pressure of 16 bar (PN16). This is important, especially when the precise measurement of water consumption and the application of modern communication technologies are required, including NFC and radio reading systems. The water meters feature an e-display (IP68); and they may be installed in any orientation (H, V, H/V) They do not require the use of U0D0 straight sections, filters or check valves.

Measurement range (MID): Coldwater R250, R400 or R800.

Measurement precision: The best measurement range (R800) available on the market, in every working orientation (H, V, H/V)

Starting flow: 0.75 l/h for DN15

Low-pressure drop: 1 bar per 4 m3/h for DN15

Measurement stability regardless of soiling of the measurement system elements (dedicated processing method)

Reverse flow measurement

Detection of any network leak


Ultrimis - Compact, Max Pressure - PN16, Max Temperature - 50°c, Ultrasonic, Waterproof, W-Sonic Technology


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