Want to Efficiently Cut Down the Cost of Flow Measurement? - ULTRAFLO U1000MKII-FM is the Ultimate Answer!

Industrial procedures require regular flow measurements to ensure efficient system performance. The expenses associated with these measurements are usually quite high. However, the introduction of the ULTRAFLO U1000MKII-FM is a cost-effective solution in this regard.

It can be clamped on to the pipes by powering it up and entering the dimensions. This drastically reduces t installation costs, thus, making it an effective alternative to other flow rate measurement devices.

ULTRAFLO U1000MKII-FM : Major Features and Advantages

·         It does not require any specialized skills or tools for installation. The process involves the connection to a power supply, followed by the input of the measurement of the pipes inside diameter. Then the sensors are adjusted and the device is clamped on to the pipe whose flow rate is to be measured.

·         Installation does not involve disruption of the flow, thus, the piping system remains functional while it is being installed or utilized for flow measurement.

·         It is highly applicable in the building services, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy management, and water treatment industries.

·         It utilizes ultrasonic transit time method and can be utilised to measure the flow rates of hot water (temperature less than 85 ̊C), potable water, chilled water, glycol containing chilled water and demineralized water.

·         The U1000MKII-FM efficiently performs flow measurement of chilled water, hot water, potable water, ultrapure water, and process water metering.

·         It is a highly accurate measurement device having an accuracy percentage of +/-1% - 3% for flow rates higher than 0.3m/s (1ft/s).

·         The flow rate can range from 0.1m/s to 10m/s i.e. 0.3ft/s to 32ft/s. 19011510100624575.jpg

·         The flow meter can perform efficiently when the flowing water has a temperature ranging between 0 ̊C to 85 ̊C i.e. 32 ̊F to 185 ̊F.

·         The flow meter operates on pulse output. It can be formatted to incorporate loss of signal or to send out an alarm in case of low flow rates.

·         The device has an optional flow proportional output of 4-20mA.

·         The device performs efficiently on pipes made from steel, stainless steel, copper and plastic.

·         It can be bought for two different pipe sizes which are dependable upon the pipe’s material and inner diameter. These sizes are 22mm to 115mm and 125mm to 180mm outer diameter.

·         The device has a length of 250mm, a height of 48mm and a width of 90mm including both the electronics and the rail.

·         The flow meter is completely factory configured and requires minimal effort for installation which in turn reduces the cost.

The exceptional features and benefits, specifically the simple installation of ULTRAFLO U1000MKII-FM is highly beneficial in saving time, cost and acquiring maximum functionality. Thus, it is an efficient and cost-effective replacement for pipe cutting and inline installation practices. This flow meter is especially useful for industrial environments. 









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