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CMeX M-Bus Extenders

CMeX10S, 11S, 12S and 13S are M-Bus Masters which, by providin... More Info


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CMeX10S, 11S, 12S and 13S are M-Bus Masters which, by providing additional drive strength, extends the number of meters a CMe Series Gateway is able to use. The product is equipped with a unique IR Pass Through feature which enables up to four CMe/CMeX Series devices to communicate via IR, by stacking them side-by side. The CMeX Masters also supports integration with existing M-Bus systems through RS232.

The CMeX Masters required 230Vac Mains Power to activate and can be mounted on a DIN rail. There is an option to have the CMeX devices as well as a CMe Series Gateway and a Fuse Spur. These are coded as either CGc or CMc Boxes, contact us for more information.


Communication Outputs - M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus


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