Sustainable Buildings Need Leak Detection


Building projects requiring BREEAM certification can pick up points easily when a leak detection alarm is fitted. The LeakSaver from DMS meets the requirements of BREEAM WAT02 and 03.


Major water leaks, especially those underground in pipes feeding the building can go un-noticed for long periods of time. Fitting a LeakSaver alarm connected to pulsed water meters can significantly reduce water escape and save precious resources and costs.

How it Works: 

Leaks are detected by monitoring the flow of water through the MCWS (Mains Cold Water Services) pipe. One meter is situated adjacent to the authority meter at the boundary of the property.  This monitors the flow of water between the boundary point and where it enters the building.  It is usual for this pipe work to be underground and as such is most vulnerable to leaks not being detected.  A second water meter is installed on the pipe work where it enters the building; this one monitors the flow of water inside the building.  In splitting the monitoring into external and internal, any leaks that occur can be easily identified as to where they might be.

 The system is set up using a threshold figure slightly higher than the amount of expect water usage for the building. It is based on a flow of water over a half an hour period and should the threshold level be exceeded, an alarm will sound. Different threshold levels can be set for day and night as well as different days of the week.

 All LeakSaver alarm panels come with BMS connectivity for both monitoring of consumption and for signalling that a leak has occurred. There’s also functionality for these Valves to control the operation of 24vdc Solenoid Valves to close off Water Supplies in the event of the Alarm being triggered. The Solenoid Valves are also available from DMS with WRAS Approval.

 The LeakSaver alarm has been developed using our extensive knowledge and years of experience supplying water leak detection systems to meet the requirements of BREEAM. Our competitively priced alarm panel and water meters make us an easy choice when you need to specify water leak detection for your project. 



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