Honeywell Themis®LOG2.0 Electronic Index Gas Meter with NB-IoT/GPRS

Honeywell Themis®LOG2.0 Electronic Index Gas Meter with NB-IoT/GPRS

The Honeywell themis®log2.0 is a next-generation electronic index diaphragm gas meter range. Combining Honeywell’s world-renowned gas meter, designed specifically for commercial and industrial applications, with a new smart electronic index, with integrated data logging functionality, which goes well beyond simple remote reading.

This smart electronic meter index provides features which go well beyond simple remote reading. With the existing options of time of Use and Block tariffs, load profiles, communications interval control, data logging, electronic temperature compensation, etc. can be combined in such a way to such individual customer needs.

Incorporating the latest NBIoT/GPRS WAN communication technology, with GPRS-WAN communication is implemented as a “backup” function, i.e. if a NBIoT network is not available an automatic dial-in into a GPRS network is possible is not only future proof, can be updated to meet new requirements where required,  but covered by state-of-the-art data security protection. By offering this, communication in different radio networks is guaranteed and network changes can be supported. This guarantees secure data exchange between the various communication partners.

Diaphragm gas meters BK-G..ETe / E.with the themis®log2.0 index meet the current market approvals and requirements. An optional integrated electronic temperature conversion system allows the volume to be converted to a base temperature even for commercial & industrial supplies. The meter shows in this case the converted volume in the display and transfers it to the appropriate data collection system. This function is an option available for the meter variant BK-G..ETe

The themis®log2.0 is interoperable and interchangeable and can be read and controlled using the Honeywell meter data collection system Connexo. If desired, DMS and Honeywell can supply not only the gas meter but also the complete meter data collection system perfectly tailored to the themis®log2.0.

Benefiting from the option of a 20-year battery life, and secure firmware update capability, the themis®log2.0 is designed to operate independently for a minimum of 20 years in the field. Remote diagnostics, 192 days daily half-hour data storage, and pulse output as standard make the Honeywell themis®log2.0 the choice for reliable commercial and industrial gas utility metering.


    Permitted gases: Natural Gas, Town Gas, Propane, Butane

    IP65 rated

    Easy to read matrix display (LCD)

    Intuitive menu navigation via 3 buttons

    Simple commissioning thanks to individually preconfigured counters 

    The integrated data storage registers the delivered gas volume in connection with the current time

    and the corresponding tariff

 Network Communications


    Protocol: DLMS/COSEM

    Support NBIOT SIM cards with band 3, 8, 20

    Supports GPRS SIM cards with 900/1800 MHz (roaming)

    External antenna possible as an option

 Gas/Ambient Conditions

    Base temperature: 0 °C, 15 °C, 20 °C

    Gas temperature: -25°C to +55°C

    Ambient temperature: -25°C to +55°C

    Storage temperature: -25 °C to +60 °C


    MID Class 1.5


    ATEX Zone 0: II 3/1 G IIB T4



 For further information and any questions on applications for Honeywell ThemisLOG2.0, contact our Technical Team

Call +44 (0) 1773 534555, Email meters@dmsltd or visit

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