Medium Pressure Modules

20 September 2022

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What Is Medium Pressure (MP)?

If the incoming supply to either Domestic, Industrial or Commercial premises is greater than 75mbar but no greater than 2bar it is classed as Medium Pressure (MP).

What is a Medium Pressure Module?

A Medium Pressure Module is an assembled unit, incorporating all the required elements for gas pressure reduction. Typically incorporating; Inlet Isolating Valve, Inlet Filter, Slam Shut, Regulator, Creep Relief and Outlet Isolating Valve. These modules are then pressure tested for leaks.

How does the Medium Pressure Module work?

An MP Module takes the incoming supply (between 75mbar and 2bar) as it comes into the property and reduces the pressure to 21mbar as standard, although alternative outlet pressures options are available should this be required. This then allows the downstream equipment/appliances to be supplied safely as designed.

How can DMS support you?

DMS hold stock of standard modules including various Domestic Kits for installation in Wall Mounted or Semi-Concealed meter boxes, as well as those suitable for Industrial and Commercial Diaphragm meter applications ranging from G10 (U16) to G100 (U160), in addition to these we can also support and supply Medium Pressure Modules for Rotary Meters.



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