SpireMag – The New Electromagnetic Flowmeter from DMS

01 November 2016

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The SpireMag series MAG888-DC flowmeter is a battery-powered high-performance magnetic water meter designed for water and wastewater industry to accurately measure the water flow in closed conduits. MAG888-DC is ideal for remote locations in municipal, irrigation, wastewater treatment and industrial liquid processes industries where no power connection is available.



  • Sizes range from DN15 (1/2”) to DN800 (32”)

  • Stand alone water meter with battery lifetime for more than 4 years. Easy battery change

  • Billing grade with class 0.5 accuracy

  • Large measurement range. Bi-directional

  • No moving parts to wear and tear. Maintenance free

  • Short straight-pipe run requirement. Suitable for any desired installation location

  • Optional GSM/GPRS wireless and turnkey data service.


  • Accurate water metering for water consumption and revenue generation

  • Water metering in remote locations

  • Potable water metering

  • Irrigation water metering

  • Wastewater and raw water metering

  • Water distribution network monitoring

  • Leakage detection

  • Pump performance monitoring 

For further information, pricing and technical advice, please call our Technical Team on:

01773 534 555 or email

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