How effective is your heat pump?

22 June 2022

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In this article, we will be looking at heat pumps, and more importantly, how to ensure that your heat pump is performing effectively.

Why install a heat pump?

Decarbonisation of heat is at the top of the UK Governments' agenda, and one of the preferred routes to achieve this is via electrification – installing a heat pump! Gas boilers are on the way out and making the swap to a heat pump to produce heating and hot water can save around 80% of carbon emissions – depending on the efficiency and the origin of the electricity.

Which properties can use a heat pump?

Heat pumps can generate hot water, heating, and cooling for a vast array of building types – existing builds to new builds and mixed-use developments. They are a great choice for 4th and 5th-generation heat networks, linking several buildings together.

What happens after I install a heat pump?

Measuring the heat pumps performance is critical to ensure low running costs and to keep the building at the required temperature. The only way to check the performance is to install a heat meter (energy meter) and electric meter. The preferred heat meter used in the installations is the Sontex range – this is due to its high accuracy and minimum disruption when the time calls for recalibration or battery changes. The Sontex range of heat meters, including the Supercal 5s, Superstatic 440 and the Supercal 749/789 – has already been installed on vast amount of the UKs existing heat pumps. It is highly recommended by heat pump experts to use heat and electric meters on any heat pump!

How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump takes ‘free’ energy from the air, ground or water to generate low or zero-carbon heating and hot water in homes and businesses. To maximise efficiency, the heat pump maximises the incoming ‘free’ energy and minimises the flow temperature into a building. This ensures low running costs. Teaming the heat pump with solar PV and battery storage will also allow you to keep lower running costs and help to achieve a lower carbon footprint...

It is vital to remember – if you don’t measure it, it’s impossible to check how well the heat pump is performing or to improve the performance!



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