The Honeywell range

03 May 2022

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The Honeywell range of Gas products is a highly prestigious collection that ensures quality and accuracy. In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the standout products and why they hold their place in the UK market.

The J125 is the leading gas regulator for medium pressure applications, with a maximum inlet pressure of 8.6Bar, available in sizes 20mm, 25mm, 40mm and 50mm with a threaded BSP Female connection and the option of a PN16 Flanged connection for the 50mm version, the J125 can also be supplied with built-in Over Pressure and Under Pressure Shut Off to protect equipment downstream of the regulator. Should the outlet pressure reach a certain point that trips off either the OPSO or UPSO, then the regulator will slam shut to impede Gas flow. Once the system is pressurised back to the design conditions, the regulator can be reset manually to allow Gas to flow through again.

When it comes to regulating Gas pressures, the J48/J90 regulator is a well-known product recognised by most engineers. Manufactured by Elster/Honeywell, the J48 works to control Low-Pressure installations to the highest quality. All of the J48 Regulators work by an internal impulse to sense the inlet pressure of gas entering and act accordingly to supply the original outlet pressure set. The J48s are available with a threaded BSP Female connection from 20mm up to 80mm and with a Flanged PN16 connection from 65mm up to 150mm. All J48 regulators can be installed in either horizontal or vertical runs of pipework.

The J78 uses internal pressure sensing to control inlet pressures up to 350mbar down to a safer, lower pressure of up to 40mbar. Certain sizes of the J78 can allow outlet pressures slightly higher than this up to 46mbar. The spring table on the datasheet will show this in greater detail. All J78 regulators are suitable for use with Natural, Liquefied Petroleum, and Manufactured Gases. Supplied in sizes 15mm, 20mm and 25mm.

The UK's most popular domestic gas meter range covers sizes from domestic to industrial and commercial, the BK range that is found in most households. Each BK-G Gas Meter has a mechanical index for the meter reading itself, but they can also be paired up with an IN-Z61 Pulse Transmitter to send data remotely. Higher specification of communication can also be offered with M-Bus outputs and Digital readouts for an easier Meter reading. There is also a model that offers temperature compensation for the highest accuracy of monitoring. The BK is also MID approved.

The S100 Valve offers protection for Gas Supplies against dangerous conditions that can cause High Pressures. By using an external impulse downstream of the regulating equipment, the S100 will rapidly shut off should the pressure sensed reach the pre-set trip off pressure. The Valve can then be manually reset after it has been closed off with an incorporated pressure equalising valve to guarantee a safe re-arming procedure. This also eliminates costly bypass requirements. 

The versatile range of QA Turbine Meters has a large measurement range and pressure tolerances twinned with a compact design and robust construction. The combination of all these points gives the QA Meters suitability to be used on a wide variety of Gas installations, including supplies that use Natural Gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Manufactured Gases. Available in sizes 25-150mm and it covers the min flow rate of 1.6m3/hr right up to 1600m3/hr

The evolution of the Rotary Gas Meters by Honeywell has all been combined into the latest range, the RABO. By utilising key features and benefits from the previous RVG, IRM and other previous models that they have manufactured. The combination of these designs means the RABO is ready to handle a large scale of applications at a competitive cost with future proof design characteristics. The Rotary Displacement principle entails the of two impellers that rotate in sequence without touching one another. Each rotation is proportional to a set volume of gas that is passed through the Meter. The accuracy of the RABO Gas Meters is so high that conventional lengths of straight run pipe on the inlet of the Meter are not essential in their requirements. Now supplied in a robust cast iron version. The RABO Range is available in sizes from 32mm up to 100mm with Flanged PN16 Connection.

DMS Metering Solutions have retained their Honeywell Gold Supplier Status for 2021 and 2022, we proudly supply the Honeywell range with extensive stocks available for next day delivery.



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