Heat Metering Technologies

17 March 2022

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Selecting the correct heat metering technology - were here to help! 

It can be difficult to know which technology is best suited for your application, we have laid out the options of heat metering technology available. We also offer CIBSE approved CPDs - you can read more below! 

Here are the options of meters that are suitable for use in the UK. Depending on what you require from your meter you can choose from the below technologies. 


Principle:  The main part of the flow passes through a Venturi nozzle in the pipe,  creating the differential pressure to bypass the other part of the flow through the fluid oscillator. pressure oscillations are converted into an   electric signal by a piezo sensor and detected by the integrator

Approval Rating:  Class 2 MID

Billing Approved:  Yes 22031711172353253.jpg

RHI Approved:  Yes

Power Supply:  Battery / Mains


Principle:  A traditional pulsed mechanical water meter supplied with   a separate integrator for energy calculation

Approval Rating:  Class 3 MID (due to the Class 3 rating on the mechanical meter)

Billing Approved:  Not for non-domestic

RHI Approved:  Not for non-domestic

Power Supply:  Battery / Mains


Principle:  working on the Doppler frequency sensors installed upstream and downstream picking up flow and disturbance along the pipe and   compensated by a temperature sensor.

Approval Rating:  Class 2 MID

Billing Approved:  Yes

RHI Approved:  Yes

Power Supply:  Battery / Mains

UK Heat Meter Regulations

•For any non-domestic application where the meter will be used for Billing (including sub-metering) the meter must be MID Class 2 approved - Class 3 is not suitable.

•Class 3 meters can be used for domestic billing

•Heat meters used for non-domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) must also comply with accuracy class 2 or better of the Measuring instrument directive(MID)

DMS Metering Solutions offer CPD training (CIBSE Approved) - you can book your CPD Session here! 

Book your CPD place today

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