Irrigation water meters for UK Farming

01 March 2022

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The WI irrigation meter is a specialised water meter for wastewater – it has been designed to accurately monitor and control the amount passing through the meter, even when the liquid is not 100% clear or even when it contains particles. It is the superior choice for applications which include water supplies drawn from a river, stream, or lake as well as purified outlets of sewage treatment installations.

Why is irrigation important for farming?

Using an irrigation meter for farming Improves crop growth and quality. It allows farmers to grow their crops on a sustained basis and provides a continuous food supply.

The WI wastewater meter is a popular choice, often used in UK Farming, this Is due to its high-quality design and ability to give pulsed readings. It has a size range of DN50 – DN200 – providing a meter for all types of application requirements, from a pond to a food supplier of a national supermarket. Its turbine propeller is fully capable of handling dirty water without comprising the accuracy or damaging the meter.

DMS have been supplying the WI for almost 20 years, they are the experts when it comes to water metering. If you would like further advice or would like to discuss pricing, give them a call! 01773 534555

DMS Metering also supply water meters for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, their range also contains leak detection solutions, solenoid valves and inline types.

WI Irrigation water meter

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