Customisable Gas Meter Installation Kits from DMS Metering.

27 April 2021

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The Gas Meter Installation Kits that are available from DMS Metering are fully customisable, with options on the inclusive component parts to meet your specific needs for both domestic and commercial / industrial applications.

Gas Meter Installation Kits can be supplied for both new and replacement/upgrade Low-Pressure applications.

The benefits of a tailor-made kit extend from the efficiencies of a consolidated supply chain through one source, to guaranteed quality and compliance to standards, and the operational cost saving of only using what you require.

DMS Gas Meter Installation Kits are robustly packaged and serial number traceable, including down to the key component level, and are available from stock for Nationwide next day delivery.

All Kits are fully compliant with the requirements of IGEM/GM/6

A typical kit can contain:

·          Meter Outlet Union / Spool

·          Gas Regulator

·          Fastenings – Gaskets / Bolt Kits

·          Flexible Hose / Anaconda

·          Meter (optional)

·          Meter Outlet Valve

To suit Diaphragm Meter sizes – U6/G4, U16/G10, U25/G16, U40/G25, U65/G40, U100/G65, U160/G100

If you require a Gas Meter Installation kit, speak to the experts at DMS Metering, they will be sure to offer a cost-effective, high-quality solution for your gas application.


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