WRAS approved Water meters for domestic applications – hot or cold!

09 March 2021

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If you require a water flow meter that has the ability to read data remotely, we have the solution! Available in both hot and cold variants, the cold being suitable for temperatures of up to 30°C, and the hot version being able to handle hot temperatures up to 90°C. The latest update to this range has enabled them to become ‘retrofittable’ – meaning you can add a pulse lead at a later date, rather than having to replace the meter. The JS range defines modern metering, as its a dry dial style of measurement which ensures no wear and tear, giving the JS a longer life span. This is achieved by ensuring that the only part of the meter that comes into direct contact with water is the turbine impeller.

The JS display can be rotated to make meter reading easier, this also allows the meter to be read and fitted in either the horizontal or vertical position. The need to read remotely is becoming more and more necessary in modern times, it is the future of metering! Your meter can be fitted in a different city and you are still able to easily access the meter readings from a different location. Saving time and money! The JS retrofittable cap provides a ratio of one litre per pulse – and can be connected to a wired or wireless system.

Connections: remote data collection networks, M-Bus (wired or wireless)

Sizes: 15-20mm

Approvals: WRAS approved

From metering to data management – the JS is a smart choice!



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