A new look for the Honeywell QA range of quantometers!

16 February 2021

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The QA/QAe Quantometers from Honeywell, have been given a new look and more importantly are now finished with Hart-Coat – a product that has been proving its worth for decades globally on the Honeywell rotary gas meters and other well-renowned products.

The new surface is a special anodization process that can be used on aluminium-based materials. It creates a harder wearing surface, offering further protection against corrosion. It has been tried and tested by over 100,000 Honeywell (Elster) Rotary Gas Meters worldwide. Weather conditions are no match for this surface, it has been surviving the crippling winters in Canada and the high summers in Australia for over 10 years. Impressive!

As of January 2021 all Quantometers will be supplied with Hart-Coat, with the new introduction of Hart-Coat it removes the need for the existing grey housing, this will enable Honeywell to do its part for the environment with the desire to meet ISO-14000 standards.

“Sooner or later paint chips and fades, but Hart-Coat stays!”


Honeywell Profiles Gas Customer Magazine – 3/2020

QA Gas Meter

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