The Ideal Water Meter For Large Scale Applications

18 August 2020

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Helix 4000 The Ideal Water Meter For Large Scale Applications  


If you have a requirement for a large-scale water meter capable of measuring large flows, you need the Honeywell Helix 4000 water meter. The Honeywell Helix 4000 adopts a Woltmann measuring style, designed to handle broad ranges of flow and is available in sizes 40-300mm.  


The Honeywell Helix 4000 has a maximum temperature rating of 50°C, making it suitable for cold water applications.  

This meter is suitable for a wide range of large-scale applications, including potable water requirements, thanks to its WRAS approval, you can also use the Helix 4000 for billing applications as it has MID approval.  


High accuracy and performance are guaranteed with the Helix 4000, whether it is fitted in the vertical or horizontal position.  

It is worth noting that the Helix 4000 is fitted with a PN16 flanged connection.  


The addition of a PR7 Pulse Unit gives the meter remote data communication so readings can be picked up by a BMS or AMR system.  


If you have a requirement for a water meter, we have a wide range of solutions. Give us a call today or pop over to our website.  






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