Compact, reliable, and accurate – The ECA2 emlite Electricity Meter.

12 August 2020

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Since joining our product range back in 2019, the emlite Electricity Meter has proven a strong contender in our product collection. The ECA2 is a single-phase electricity meter and it is ideally suited for the utilities basic single-rate meter requirements, it’s also used as a generation meter. The emlite ECA2 has also been procured for many Solar PV/Micro-generation installations where a claim is made for the Feed-in-tariff payments.

The ECA2 boasts a large LCD display, making reading the meter a breeze, it also happens to be one of the world’s most compact metering units. Meter reading options consist of an optical port which conforms to IEC 629056-21, allowing meter readings to be collected electronically, the port can also be used to configure the meter. You can easily connect the ECA2 to a BMS (Building Management System) or other reading equipment. We can supply the ECA2 Electricity Meters to be used with pulse sensors.  – you can discuss remote reading options with our team if you would like more in-depth information.

This meter provides a measurement of active (kWh) energy in both import and export directions.

The ECA2 is MID approved giving you the accuracy confidence and is tamper-resistant with reverse energy fraud detection and sealing for life.

If you have a requirement for an electricity meter, give us a call today and discover why the ECA2 has made a name for itself.

View The ECA2 here!


 ECA2 emlite electricity Meter

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