Highly accurate electromagnetic flow meter - The Siemens MAG 5100.

07 April 2020

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The MAG5100W Electromagnetic Flow Meters are high grade in their construction and measuring principle that allows them to be used on a variety of applications. By using an electromagnetic sensor to detect flow and convert it into an electrical signal to proportion it against the velocity. This system means readings are immensely accurate and reliable even at higher than normal flow rates. The lack of moving parts also means that the MAG5100 Meters can be used on installations where particles that would be difficult for other Meter types can be managed by simply increasing the strength of material on the internal components. 


The range of the MAG5100W Meters covers sizes from 25mm up to 1200mm encompassing pretty much all application requirements. They are rated for operating temperatures up to 70°C and resiliant to a number of chemicals providing further flexibility on the applications they can be used for. All Meters are supplied with a flanged connection varying from PN10 up to PN40 which are specified to suit each individual installation. MAG 5100W Flow Meter


Either a 230vac Mains or 24vdc supply is required in order to power the MAG5000 or MAG6000 display. The option of the two different transmitters is very similar in that they have the same polyamid design and readout. The MAG5000 comes as standard with Analogue and Pulsed Outputs for remote data reading, with the MAG6000 using the same features but with further Bus modules that can be fitted such as Modbus and Profibus. All outputs can be configured through the button navigation on the displays themselves.


Each of the MAG5000 and MAG6000 displays can be mounted either on the Meter body itself or a compact installation or using extended cables with proper shielding, a remote installation is possible with a Wall Mounting Kit. The MAG5100W Flow Meters can be mounted in either Horizontal or Vertical runs of pipework.

View our MAG 5100 meters here!


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