Honeywell S100 Over Pressure Shut Off Valve

31 March 2020

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The Honeywell S100 Over Pressure Shut Off Valve uses external impulse downstream of the regulating equipment, offering protection for gas supplies against dangerous conditions that can cause high pressures. If high pressure occurs the S100 will shut off and would then need to be manually reset once safe. The S100 slam shut valve can be positioned in horizontal or vertical lengths of pipework, whilst maintaining correct operation. There are no strict requirements of straight pipe on the inlet to the valve so the installation of the S100s can be made in a wide array of applications.

The S100 is generally used alongside a gas regulator and pressure relief valves, which DMS can also supply. S100 Shut Off Valve

The S100 is available in sizes of 50mm, 80mm and 10mm models, all with Flanged PN16 Connection. The trip off pressures then vary from as low as 18mbar up to 560mbar for the Low-Pressure models, 561-1400mbar for the Medium Pressure models and then the High-Pressure Versions are available for each connection size that can be set to trip off with pressures from 1.4 to 6Bar. The maximum pressure of gas that the S100 can physically withstand is 19Bar.

DMS supply a wide range of Gas Control equipment, such as Turbine Quantometers and Diaphragm meters, Bryan Donkin, solenoid valves, slam shut valves, relief valves, and gas regulators. If you need to discuss your application, please give us a call today or email. 01773 534555 /

View the Honeywell S100 Over Pressure Shut Off Valve here.

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