The essential list to ensure safety! Gas Safety Week! - 16 - 22 September 2019

17 September 2019

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To acknowledge Gas Safety week 2019 DMS have created an ‘essential’ list of gas safety equipment/products and tips to ensure a safe environment when selecting or installing a gas appliance:

Top tips to stay gas safe:

1.       Be aware of the signs of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning – headaches, dizziness, breathlessness, nausea, collapse and loss of consciousness.

2.       Use a gas registered engineer to install, service and fix any gas products

3.       Keep on top of gas appliances safety checks

DMS’s recommended products and equipment for gas safety:

Gas Installation Kits for I & C Gas Diaphragm Meters

When it comes to gas it is of paramount importance to ensure you have the correct sizes and equipment in place. Our team of experts can provide all you need to get the job done.

We can also provide bespoke Kits to suit your application, so whether you’re on a new build and require a Cap / Plug / Blank with your kit or if your application requires two separate kits – one for the Meter Inlet and one for the Meter Outlet, we can help.

Thanks to our customer-specific packages you can rest assured that you won’t be spending money on a part you don’t need or don’t have the part you do need, you simply let us know what you need in “your” Kit and leave the rest to us – saving you wasted time on-site and money!

A typical gas meter installation kit includes:

·         Gas Regulator

·         Flexi Hose

·         Meter Outlet Union / Spool

·         Meter Outlet Valve

·         Fastenings – Gaskets / Bolt Kits

·         Meter (optional)

·         Our Installation Kits are fully compliant with the requirements of IGEM/GM/6

Coster Gas Solenoid Valves

Constructed to DIN standards with European EN161 approvals, the Coster range of GCA Gas Solenoid Valves are one of the worlds most reliable and cost-effective valves in an emergency. The valve coils deliver an automatic ‘shut off’ facility when the power flow is interrupted. Available from only 15mm up to a massive 300mm with either flanged or BSP threaded connections. The valves are totally flexible and can be mounted in horizontal or vertical pipework to suit your pipework an application for valves DN15 to DN150. Valve sizes DN200 to DN300 are only suitable for horizontal pipework.   30vac power is standard, however, a 24v version can be supplied.   On the large valves (200-300mm), a CPI is included, this allows remote indication if the valve is open or closed

Gas governors

Gas governors can be supplied to assist with lower any gas pressures if required – please enquire for more details.

Gas Regulators

DMS supply Elster Gas Regulators including; J48, J78, J125, J123. The most commonly used Regulator is the J48 - the J48 is a widely used product, working to control Low-Pressure installations to the highest quality. The J48 uses an internal impulse to sense the inlet pressure of gas entering and act accordingly to supply the original outlet pressure set. The J48s are available with a threaded BSP Female connection from 20mm up to 80mm and with a Flanged PN16 connection from 65mm up to 150mm. All J48 regulators can be installed in either horizontal or vertical runs of pipework.


The Dresser Chatterbox-e Isolation Unit is a vital piece of equipment for plant rooms with a high-risk environment. The Chatterbox uses Opto-isolators to provide 4 isolated volt-free contacts from low-frequency pulses generated by gas meters or volume correctors installed in a hazardous area as standard. The Chatterbox can be installed without the use of mains power, promising a 10-year battery life from just standard cells – two ½ AA lithium. Once installed the Isolation unit can be set up for use with up to 4 different channels by wiring the pulse cables into the internals of the aluminum-bodied chatterbox. Adding the Dresser Chatterbox-e to your gas application can increase reliability and reduce power consumption thanks to its opto-isolation technology.

Knock off valves

A crucial piece of equipment! Knock off valves will cut any power, in the event of a fire or emergency, the button is pressed and the system will shut down. Prices for knock off buttons can be obtained by contacting the DMS sales team. 

Finally, and what we believe to be the most important thing to remember is…

ALL gas products should be fitted, serviced and fixed by a certified gas safe registered engineer. 



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