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ELSTER Gas Meters

25 October 2016
DMS Metering Solutions are the UK’s Leading Distributor of Elster Gas Meters! Diaphragm Gas Meters, Turbine Gas Meters and Rotary Positive Displacement Meters. Our wide ranges of Gas Meters are suitable for most Domestic and Industrial/Commercial purposes.Diaphragm Gas Meters Elster's range of Diaphragm Gas Meters scale from the everyday domestic BK-G4 Gas Meter that you would find in most households, right up to the BKG100 which the Utility Companies use on incoming supplies to large build...
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PoWogaz Hot & Cold Water Meters

19 October 2016
DMS supply a large array of Apator PoWogaz Water Meters, whether you are looking for WRAS approved domestic hot and cold water meters, Industrial Water Meters, Commercial Water Meters or Irrigation Water Meters then DMS have the solution….Below is a brief Summary of the ranges of water meters we stock!JS 15 & 20 Class B Hot & Cold Water Meters – WRAS ApprovedCompact design suitable for secondary metering applications and small bore water volume measurement tasks.Frost resistant dial, t...
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Sontex Superstatic 789 - NOW IN STOCK!

10 October 2016
The New Sontex Superstatic 789 Composite Heating & Cooling Meter is now in stock...Sontex Superstatic 789 Heating/Cooling Meter…Made of fibre composite, the new Sontex Superstatic 789 compact heat meter is strong and lightweight. It is known for its precision and reliability thanks to the static measurement principle.All the benefits and features of fluidic oscillation were adapted and integrated into a compact shape for a flow of qp 1.5 – 2.5 m³/h. While its total weight has b...
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The Sontex Superstatic 440 Heating & Cooling Meter

05 October 2016
The Sontex Superstatic 440 range is still proving to be one the UK’s most popular Heating & Cooling Meters! Let’s find out why...The Sontex Supercal 531 Smart Integrator and the Superstatic 440 'static' flow meter with no moving parts is your answer to systems containing glycol. The Supercal 531 can be programmed for the type of glycol and the concentration percentage to give you accurate readings where some heat meters will not operate at all.With the range of outputs availa...
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DMS Now Stock ITRON Heat Meters

03 October 2016
DMS Metering Solutions now stock ITRON Heat Meters!Below we have a brief overview of the CF Echo and CF Ultramaxx models…CF Echo II DetailsThe CF Echo II and CF Ultramaxx heat meters all use an Ultrasonic Measuring Principle for measuring Heat consumption. These meters all conform to MID Class 2 for Billing and RHI Purposes. The CF Echo II Heat Meter is supplied with connection sizes ranging from DN15, ½” to DN50, 2”. All meters are available with a Union Connection as standard and there is t...
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Elster RABO Rotary Gas Meter

29 September 2016
The ELSTER RABO Rotary Gas Meter Direct from DMS Metering Solutions...ApplicationsRABO is suitable for measuring gases of the first, second and third families pursuant to EN 437:2009 and for measuring a range of technical gases.Brief informationRotary gas meters are characterized by high measuring ranges and compact dimensions.They ensure high accuracy, even if the gas flow is low or irregular.RABO combines tried-and-tested product features of previous rotary gas meters from Elster-Instrom...
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DRESSER Micro Corrector

27 September 2016
DRESSER Micro CorrectorIntegral Volume Correction Differential Pressure MonitoringThe Micro Corrector utilises the operating pressure and temperature of Gas in order to accurately adjust the volume measurement transmitted by the Gas Meter. The standard version of the Micro Corrector is rated for gas pressures up to 12Bar and has an internal pressure port which will connect onto an impulse line of 1/8” diameter. An external temperature probe is supplied as standard and we can o...
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JS15 ½” 15mm Single Jet Cold Water Meter with WRAS Approval

21 September 2016
JS15 15mm Cold Water Meter -Suitable for Gardens, Fish Ponds, Apartments, Caravan Sites and Chalets!The JS is a single jet domestic cold water meter of compact design and weighing less than 0.5kg. The JS Water Meter can be installed vertically or horizontally and has a 360° rotation dial which is frost and tamper proof.The JS15 is ideal for domestic water monitoring, including for use with fish ponds. With our JS15 water meter you can rest assured that each meter has been throu...
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19 September 2016
The themislog combines Elster’s world renowned range of commercial and industrial diaphragm gas meters with a new smart electronic index, with integrated data logging functionality, which goes well beyond simple remote reading. Enabled with a GSM/GPRS communication output, as well as data logging and pulse output capability, the index can suit the needs of all applications. The GSM/GPRS communication module for the themislog, transmits direct reading information, ensuring the authenticit...
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COMING SOON! The NEW Composite Sontex Superstatic 789 Heating & Cooling Meter by Sontex

06 September 2016
The NEW Sontex Superstatic 789 Composite Heat Meter! Lightweight and competitive with all the features and benefits of the popular 749...The Sontex Superstatic 789 will be in stock from October 2016.Heat Meter, Cooling Meter or combined Heating/Cooling MeterFlows qp 0,6; qp 1,5; qp 2,5 m3/h2 Pulse inputs for all versionswM-Bus radio, Supercom radio, M-Bus, 2 Pulse outputs, OpticalBattery life time 6+1 years or 12+1 yearsFree of charge calibration certificatesFully EN1434 Class 2 & MID ...
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