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INVONIC Ultrasonic Heat Meter

High quality Polish hybrid ultrasonic heat/cooling meter 

INVONIC H is a modern and precise ultrason... More Info


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High quality Polish hybrid ultrasonic heat/cooling meter 

INVONIC H is a modern and precise ultrasonic heat meter with ultrasonic flow sensor, that guarantees high measurement precision with a long term operating life regardless of  its  mounting position. The ultrasonic heat meter has a modular design, making possible to extend its functionality at any time by installing a communication module, changing the power supply option or replacing different temperature sensors. A robust brass body of flow sensor is available in a version with a threaded or flanged connection and may be used in the pressure scopes PN16 or PN25. The heat meter indications are entirely non-sensitive to external magnetic fields.


Ultrasonic heat meter usage 

INVONIC H is an ultrasonic heat meter used for the measurement of energy consumption in heating or cooling systems (optional) intended for residential, office and industrial facilities.  Ultrasonic  flow  sensor,  with  brass housing, is key part of device that ensures high precision, dynamics and  measurement  stability  of  meter  regardless  of  its  mounting position  (horizontal/vertical) and ensures non-sensitivity of device to magnetic field. The communication module provide remote readout of information from the meter both by wire (M-Bus, Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP, pulse outputs) and wirelessly (Wireless M-Bus 868 MHz T1 OMS), allowing  cooperation  of INVONIC  H  with  different  data  reading  systems  and  building automation.


Measurement precision 

High stability of metrological parameters has been achieved for the entire operating life, thanks to signal strength compensation.

Wide measurement range in any working position (H, V, H/V)

The starting flow of flow sensor can be as low as 3 l/h

Small pressure drops from 1 to 20 mbar for qp flow  (pressure drop amount depending on the length of installation and the value of the nominal flow)


-          Easy to read 8 digit display, with symbols indicating operation state of meter, operated by a single button

-          Rotatable by 180° calculator with wall-mount possibility (standard length of connecting cable 1,2 m)

-          Power supply from 230 V AC, 24 V AC/DC or battery (battery lifetime up to 11 years)

-          Built-in data logger capable of storing data from last 36 months for period of 15 years without power supply

-          Integrated pulse outputs for energy and volume or two pulse inputs for water meters

-          Possibility to mount communication modules without compromising manufacturer protecting seals

*POA for Pulse + M-BUS Options 


Power Supply - 230Vac Mains Powered, 24Vac Mains Powered, Battery Powered, 10 Year Lithium Battery

M-Bus - M-Bus Output, Wireless M-Bus Output

MODBus - MODBus RS485 Output

Compliance - RHI Compliant



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